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We had 18 travelers for this trip and they were all so excited to visit the labs that we have provided in Kenya. Our first stop was at G-BIACK, in Thika, Kenya. This was our very first lab which was opened in 2014. We're very proud of this lab. The Directors, Samuel and Peris, have done an amazing job. Many students have learned and many will continue to learn technology because of Samuel and Peris' passion to improve the quality of life for fellow Kenyans. To learn more about G-BIACK

Our next stop was at Daraja Training Center, in Eastleigh, Nairobi. The Director, Daniel, started Daraja for the children of one of the slum areas so that they could have an education. If it weren't for Daniel, these children would honestly have no hope for a future. There are 200 students who will learn technology because of Connection Ubuntu's promising partnership with Daniel. While in Kenya we were able to see the site for Daraja's computer lab, and since our return home we have approved their lab and are preparing to ship them their "starter lab!"

Upon leaving Nairobi, we traveled a day's journey to Luanda, in Western Kenya where we met with The Emuhaya Group of the Disabled (EGD). We had the opportunity to visit their future computer lab space and are so excited to partner with this group of motivated, faithful individuals. To learn more about EGD visit Emuhaya Group of the Disabled

After spending a few days in Luanda we traveled to Nyamira where we would spend two nights while visiting two of our other labs. The Rafiki Africa/Lighthouse Academy lab is in Kosele, Kenya, not too far from Homa Bay. This school was founded by Dorothy and Roger, a husband and wife team who live some of their time in Kenya and some in Lancaster, PA. We enjoyed the best day ever with them, learning about the 143 students and their school. Their computer lab uses solar energy to power the computers and peripherals... perfect for Kenya, which is at the equator! We had a glorious day with the students and staff. To learn more about Rafiki/Lighthouse Academy, visit

We hope you have enjoyed reading about our computer outreach in Kenya. Maybe you'll join us on our next trip... it truly is a life-changing experience and we're happy to share it with you!

Pictures from our trip can be found here...

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